The Focolare Carpentry Training Center (FCTC) is a social project of Work of Mary or Focolare Movement for Men, Inc.

  • To learn employable skills particularly Furniture Carpentry
  • To raise their functional literacy
  • Develop proper values and attitudes

This is accomplished through an intensive theoretical and practical on-the-job training. The program is integrated with Christian values which develop young people to be concerned individuals, aware that he will be responsible tomorrow for what he does today. Aware of the potential of the Filipino out of school youth, FCTC envisions skills training as a means to improve their lives and at the same time to provide not only skilled but value oriented manpower for the industry.

Dedicated in training young men in the field of
Furniture Carpentry

Where all talents are used

The trainee undergoes both theoretical and practical training. He learns furniture carpentry through observation and actual application of carpentry skills on particular projects. He works together with the trainors and learns to read and execute the working drawings. On the third module, he is taught product costing or entrepreneurship which prepares him for future livelihood projects. 

Where differences are recognized and resolved

His work experience starts from cutting the wood, using the different tools and machines, assembly and finishing. Thus, he realizes that the finished products is in itself more than just a piece of wood, more than just a work of art – it is treasure born out of the harmonious interaction of the trainees, shop workers and trainors.

During the whole process of learning, he is transferred from one work group to another. This enables him, to acquire and apply carpentry skills and techniques for different furniture styles.

Where ideas and resources are generated

Trainees observe strict study and work schedules thus acquiring the right thinking and working habits necessary as they enter the employment stage. The process is two-prong: technical skill and values training, and the spirit behind it is the desire for unity through unselfish sharing of knowledge and treasure.

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